Flat Roof direct appreciate that cost, will always be a consideration when carrying out repairs. However, this is only one factor to be taken into account, time and often damage limitation particulary during periods of prolonged inclement weather often nessitate Immediate solutions. Flat Roof direct offer comprehensive range of solutions that enable quick fast cost affective repairs for all existing flat roofs.

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Roofing Repairs

Think you might need a roofing repair or refurbishment? Our experienced team of roofers use their extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best roof repair solution.

Flat Roofing

For flat roofing solutions and excellent service, rely on Flat Roof Direct. Our skilled team of flat roofing experts have the extensive experience and strong links with major manufacturers that you need.

Metal Roofing & Cladding

Specialist in all aspects of industrial and commercial metal roofing and cladding in the North West and across the UK. From routine maintenance and repair work to replacement roofing and new installations.

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Flat Roof Direct flat roofing contractors have many years experience of roofing contract work while repairing, refurbishing, replacing existing roofing and building newly constructed commercial premises. We offer all the necessary flat roofing contractor services, advice and information you need. What is the best type of flat roof for your project? Felt v Asphalt, Fibreglass v rubber or Single-ply membrane? The purpose of your roof is all important. For example, a felt roof is low cost with proven results but isn't suitable for foot traffic, requires heat to install, needs professional maintenance.

Traditional felting with modern high-performance roofing membranes gives superior performance. Roofing technology and standards of materials manufacture are now far superior to the basic materials produced in previous decades. Manufacturers offer guarantees of up to 25 years. You can reasonably expect properly installed high quality felted roofing to be durable for much longer than the guarantee period. Felt roofing is an excellent choice for outstanding durability within budget. Also, there are the benefits of fire protection, the flexible movement for walkways and balconies, increased insulation and design choices.

Eventually all roofs need repair and maintenance, it is important to make repairs to small problems before they get worse and become a big problem (and costly too). Flat Roof Direct advise checking for leaks every few months. Our local roofers can repair damaged beams and roof deck as part of a major roof repair or just help reseal a failing flat roof. Flat Roof Direct are a business accommodating all your roofing & roofline needs, we take real pride in providing you with low cost roofing solutions and quality workmanship.

Single ply roofing contractors know that single ply membrane roofing systems can be superior to other forms of flat roof waterproofing when installing correctly. They look aesthetically great and are extremely durable. Our experience and ongoing investment in the latest equipment and installer training allows us to achieve the highest single-ply roofing industry standards. We measure our success and the success of your project by quality, installation time, and overall cost. Choosing the best single ply system for your project is important.