Established in 1993 after 8 years as an employee in the single ply roofing industry. We have grown to be one of the best known only disciplined Single Ply Roofing Company's in the South West of England.

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  City Weston-super-Mare
  Postcode BS23 3TP
  Address 11/Warne Park/Warne Rd
  Phone Number 019 3442 0008

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Single ply membranes are strong, flexible sheets composed predominately of synthetic polymer (PVC). All of the membranes we install are reinforced with glass fibre or polyester, and are delivered in roll sizes of 20m x 2m depending upon the application. They are hot air welded at joints to form continuous waterproofing. Single ply roofing offers greatest choice in roof design, performance and appearance to suit new building and restoration. The technical flexibility of single ply means that there are several combinations of system type and method of attachment to suit particular design conditions.

Rooflights an alternative roof window to dormers. Rooflights follow the line of the roof and are usually a more acceptable proposal to planning authorities. Polycarbonate and clear glass glazing may provide direct daylight lighting. Direct light passes through rooflight glazing without any disruption or interference and enters the building as a straight beam. Diffused light is when the light passing through rooflight glazing is diffused (scattered) by the rooflight material. Polycarbonate, Nanogel and some patterned and opal-tinted glass materials diffuse light.