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Services & Products

Services & Products

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The list above is not exhaustive, but it's designed to help you ask the right questions so that you can be confident that you're making the right choice.

Our service area covers the entire Horsham District, including the lovely village of Broadbridge Heath. Situated to the West of Horsham, just on the other side of the A24, Broadbridge Heath is a fast-developing village within easy reach of Horsham and the rest of West Sussex. Its unique position allows easy access to the M25 to the north and the South Downs in the opposite direction. Gatwick airport is conveniently located just 20 mins away. Our roofers have worked extensively providing essential support services to developers during the last decade of new build developments in the area.

It's worth spending time choosing the right roofing contractor to ensure you avoid costly problems down the road. Try to ensure that you obtain at least three quotes and ask for recommendations wherever possible. Its also worth checking online reviews. When obtaining a quote ask what materials will be used and the level of guarantee offered. Make sure the quotes you obtain are in writing, unless it is for emergency repairs of a minor nature. One thing to note is that more significant problems may become evident once a roofing contractor has removed the tiling and exposed a potentially more serious problem.

It's every customer's dilemma: you have received a few quotes for your roofing repairs or gutter repairs, and you now have to choose a contractor to award the job to. The priority should always be quality of work and not simply price. Yes, we would love to give you the cheapest quote, but we prefer to give you peace of mind that we will carry out the job professionally and in accordance with your wishes. We never cut corners and we will be honest about the true cost of every service. Too often have we been called in to put right repairs by customers who have had work done on the cheap.

Moss can cause several issues if left untreated. Firstly, the sheer weight of the moss can cause stress on roof tiles and the entire structure of the roof. Secondly, as the moss grows in crevices, these can quickly become damaged due to excessive stress and this impacts the ability to keep water out. Over time, vast areas of a roof may need maintenance as a result and water seepage can be a serious problem. We strongly advise professional moss removal and treatment before the roof tiles are weakened.

We are proud to call the lovely West Sussex town of Horsham our home. Ideally located just off the A24 and within easy reach of Gatwick airport, Horsham has drawn the crowds for decades. This charming market town in West Sussex has everything going for it, so it's no surprise that it has been named one of the top 5 places to live in the UK on many occasions.

Roofing and guttering often go hand in hand. While working on roofs, our roofers have a unique view of guttering and can quickly diagnose any issues. Damaged guttering may not seem like an urgent issue, but it's extremely important to keep guttering well maintained. Quite often, water that isn't draining properly due to blockages in guttering can penetrate roofing and cause significant damage to roof structures externally and internally. If any damage has been caused to a roof, this can also be assessed and remedied.